Staff ML Lead at Criteo (since January 2015)

I lead the machine learning team for product recommendation at Criteo.

Previously I worked as a researcher and engineer at MIT and Thales, with a focus on computer vision, robotics, and self-driving cars.

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I blog on Medium and on @olivkoch


Recent/upcoming talks

Recommendation for new users, RecSys London Meetup, Nov 8th 2018
A summary of RecSys: Recommender Systems that Care, October 2018
Material of my class on Recommendation co-organized with Flavian Vasile at the Data Science Summer School at Ecole Polytechnique in June 2018. [slides, notebooks]
2nd Recommender Meetup, London, Sept 20, 2017 [slides]
ICML workshop on online advertising, New York, May 2016 [slides]
Tektos Data Meetup, Paris, June 2016 [slides]
Rythm Meetup, Paris, June 2016 [slides]
MIT Machine learning Tea, September 2015
RecSys meetup, NL, May 2015 [slides]
The war for talents in the digital age (in French), invited talk at ACADI, October 10, 2016 [slides]